Friday, April 17, 2009

Presentation and Final Art Production

I liked giving the presentations today of our Marceline marker comps. One, because it will helped me get used to talking in front of other people about my work (goodness knows I need it) and two, it's a good way to see what other people in the class are doing and how they go about solving the same problems that I have. 
I have already started the final art production stage for the pamphlet and it is going really well so far. I have two more silhouettes to draw and I have to figure out how to do the photo of Walt in the shape of Mickey's head - not quite sure how that will work out. But I have plenty of time because all the copy went into place as planned.
For the most part I have really enjoyed this process! Hopefully the printing process will go as well as it has in the past as well. 

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