Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Page Fishing Magazine Spread

This is the final art production of my magazine layout for the fishing article. This one, as opposed to the Marceline pamphlet changed a little bit more from the original marker comp, but the overall layout is the same. 
The photo I wanted to use couldn't be used as large as I wanted to. Originally it was going to bleed off the page, and the title was going to be smaller. So all I have done, is basically switch the two. Now, the title is large and in charge and the photo is smaller. I also brought the "techniques" column up to line up with the two columns on either side of it. Finally, I added a by line after the introductory text because I didn't like all that empty space and I wanted to incorporate the green color from the top of the layout. And yes, it is a fake by line... I don't know who Tom Jones is...?
After the class critique, I was surprised to see how many people used a photograph for their background. A lot of them looked really good though. I would have been too scared to do that. But I was wondering if they found those photos that large or if they had to make them that large and if so, how did they maintain the resolution? Or did they all turn them into graphics on photoshop? This is definitely something I would like to look into for future designs. The only thing I didn't like about the large photo backgrounds were the ones with the white columns to improve readability. They just made the layout look so choppy. 

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