Friday, October 2, 2009

DMV cartoon thumbnails

These are three of my rough thumbnails for the DMV cartoon/comic, showing three different scenarios. I didn't realize that we weren't supposed to be using speech bubbles, but it makes sense. If you can create a cartoon that communicates the idea without anything being said, that's pretty good. If the cartoon requires something to be said/explained, then the illustration is not done well enough and something needs to be changed.
The first thumbnail illustrates a girl who has come to the DMV to get her photo taken for her license and she has brought along her own camera crew and set. The DMV worker is apalled.
The second one shows a fisherman who has come to renew his boating license and he was hoping he could pay with fish instead of with money. The DMV lady is annoyed. I think this one would be harder to convey the way it is now with out the speech bubble. If I use this one, I will have to rework the composition and really emphasize both of their expressions. Maybe I could show his pockets inside out and empty to show that he doesn't have any money.
The third one focuses on the fact the when you go to the DMV, you will 99% of the time be waiting in line for a while. I wanted to show a line of a variety of different people all doing different things while they wait in line - sleep, eat, daydream...I want to have a couple people gathered around a board game on the floor too.

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