Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 Image Montage Marker Comp

This is my marker comp at half size. I am really happy with the way this turned out. I used more colored pencil than I probably should have but oh well. I layed down large blocks of the main colors with marker and then went over it with colored pencil to add shadows and form and blended that with the blending marker - I love that thing.
I did the giraffe first by laying down three different brown hues and then added some gray, brown and black colored pencil. I did the key next by putting down brown marker over the whole thing first (except for the white areas) and then went over that with blue and black colored pencil. I chose blue so that it would contrast the brown-orange color of the giraffe. I went back in with a white pen to add the detail and highlights. The top of the key will be transparent-you will be able to see the kiwi and the giraffe through it. For the kiwi, I colored the entire thing with green marker and then went back in with yellow colored pencil and blended the heck out of it. The skin of the kiwi has the same colors as the giraffe and provides a nice texture. The rest of the background is just a light blue with a little bit of texture.
I hope my gouache will look better or just as good as this does!

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