Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Image Gouache Montage (ROUND 1)

This is the finished three image gouache montage. I think it turned out well. I mostly used the pick out method. The only thing I'm not real happy with is the color of the kiwi skin. In my marker comp it was more orange, or at least lighter and it looked better because it contrasted nicely with the blue in the key. I feel like the key would look even better if the part in the open area in the center was more defined. As for printing, it did come out darker than this, but I actually didn't mind it...but in reality, it really should look like the actual illustration after printed. So I need to do some color adjustments in photoshop after scanning and also lighten it up a bit so that when it prints it will match the original.
Now that I know I will be painting this same project for a second time, I can hopefully fix these things. I think I will still paint them in the same order: kiwi, background, key, giraffe. I'm going to try and use less water though. Hopefully this will go well. I'm gong to get it traced right now so I can work on it over break!!!

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