Monday, October 12, 2009

Conversation Illustration Thumbnails

These are my ten thumbnails for the conversation illustration. My conversation came from a girl and a guy Friday night after the play, Columbinus (which was really good) and they were talking about the recent misfortune of the St. Louis Cardinals. They lost the first three (out of the five) games against the LA Dogers this last week. The conversation was brief: "I know man! The Cardinals suck. I can't believe they got swept by the Dodgers in the playoffs." They also talked about the error by Matt Holliday when he missed a catch in the outfield and, as the newscaster put it, "got hit in the nether regions..." I only did one thumbnail illustrating that. All the others are showing how the Dodgers put the Cardinals out of the running in the NLCS.
I myself am a Cardinals fan, so these are meant to insult the Cardinals or anything like that :)
For pretty much all of the thumbnails I am using symbols to illustrate what happened. For example: in most of them I am using the Cardinal mascot to represent the whole team and show that the Dodgers ended their 2009 season.
Rusty and I chose the one outlined in blue to take on to the next step - three different, tight pencil comps for Monday (THANK YOU RUSTY!) The St. Louis Cardinal mascot is sitting on the sidewalk in his uniform but with the head of the uniform sitting next to him. There is a cardboard sign next to him saying that he needs a job (because the Cardinals are done for the year).
Some changes I want to make: change the sign to say something like, NEED WORK. The Dodgers put me out of a job in the playoffs.
Or I could have a newspaper on the ground with the headline "Dodgers Sweep Cardinals..." or possibly laying over the guy like a blanket to make him look more like a bum who needs a job. I will also work on his face and expression of course (character development, etc.) to also help him look more like a bum.
I plan to do this as a cartoon, similar to the DMV cartoon we did.
This blog is a lot longer than I thought it would be.

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