Thursday, September 3, 2009


These are my two best landscape watercolors. I chose the one with the blue sky and clouds because of how awesome the blue sky and clouds look!!! I used a wet on wet technique. First, I wet the whole page with a little bit of blue. Then I took a papertowl and blotted the areas that you see as white. This removed the water from those areas so that when I went back and added the very saturated areas of blue where the paper was still really wet, it didn't bother the dry areas. I was surprised at how soft the edges around the clouds were, but very pleased. The tree turned out alright-it's a little blobish in the center so thats why I also posted the second watercolor. I like the tree best in this one; I used a dryer brush.
I'm liking watercolor a lot more than I though I would. Still working on letting it do most of the work, but I'm getting better and I'm also finding the quick pace of it fun and refreshing.

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