Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Same subject, 10 different techniques

The reason I posted so many this time was because each one as a tiny detail that I like a lot and that I think turned out really well. Next time, I just need to combine all these tiny, awesome aspects into one piece! Anyways...
The first is just a line drawing that I think turned out very nicely. I added the background at the last min-just because.
The second is watercolor only. I like this one especially for the background. The area around the cardinal is a little iffy though-not sure what to think about that.
The third is ink, then watercolor. It is also awesome because of the background. I am also proud of the ink drawing because it's a little looser than how I am used drawing.
The fourth was also ink then watercolor but the ink was basically just an outline-still with some personality though. Then the watercolor is pretty watered down and I left a lot of the paper showing through which I haven't been doing a lot of. Like the bird, not so much the tail.
The last two are my first attempts at using gouache-using the subtractive method (taking away paint with water to create form and shape) Not too bad. In the first one, I like the edges around the bird, particularly the edge along the cardinals breast. It has this great texture from where the paint bled out of the line a little when I was removing the paint to create the outline in the first place-definately a unintentional, but cool nevertheless. Hopefully it will look just as good when it's intentional!
The last guoache - I like the background, no cool edges.

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