Friday, March 20, 2009

Liz's Chili Cook-off Flyer

This is the layout that I chose for the Chili Cook-off flyer. I felt like it was the best of the 15, mostly because of its simplicity. All the other layouts were busy and unbalanced; I didn't know where to look first or even what I was looking for.
The concept seems to be a chili pepper cooking a pot of chili outdoors (because he is wearing sunglasses). This, in my opinion, communicates the event easily and accurately.
This layout is symmetrical - everything is centered. The headline is bold and the focal point of the layout. The illustration in the center is good, but could be improved if the chili pepper was tilted the opposite direction of the chili pot or if both the chili pepper and the chili pot were set vertically. Because right now, everything within the layout is balanced and centered, except the graphic.
The rectangle outline at the bottom is not necessary. I would just center all the type under the circle - including the event date and location. Then the circle can be moved up slightly so it is not dead center. Also, watch bleeds.


  1. Thank you for the advice. This was actually one of my favorites because I liked the simplicity of it. On most of the other designs I agree, I tend to go a little crazy and make it too crowded. I think that having the chili pepper tilting the opposite direction would help to continue the sense of balance I was looking for. On the next design, I will stick with simplicity for the text on the bottom and remove the distracting rectangle. I will try to incorporate all of your suggestions into my next design and hopefully my next design will be drastically improved.