Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favorite Ride Promotion Thumbnails

These are the ten full color thumbnails that I did for the "My Favorite Ride" promotion poster.  Albert helped me decide which one would be the best to take to the next level - the full marker comp. He chose the MAFCA "A" of the Day poster. This poster is promoting a feature that is found on the home page of the MAFCA (Model A Ford Club of America) website. They are asking viewers to send in their photos of their model A. A new photo is posted each day. 
It was nice to be able to talk to someone else one-on-one about my designs. He chose this particular thumbnail because he felt that it was the most unique in concept and layout. He said the message was clear and the polaroid picture of the car was well done; the shadow helps add depth to the layout. I agreed with him; this was one of my favorite layouts that I had done for most of the same reasons.
It was also nice to be able to look at Albert's layouts and see what his ideas were. The one that I ended up choosing was the one that he liked the best. I chose it because of the large, bold headline. In the other layouts the headline was too small and got lost in the bold colors and starburst designs. We did discuss a few minor changes together to improve the layout that I chose though. The most important change that I suggested was that a lot more of the bike was shown. The background is very simple to allow all the attention to be on bike, but by making the bike so small and in the corner the blue background is almost as powerful if not more than the bike. He also mentioned that he wanted to reverse the type of the headline. If he does choose to do this, I think it would be beneficial to make the bike even bigger and possibly overlap the top block of copy as well as bleed off the page.

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