Friday, November 20, 2009

Final Cheesy Airbrush

Here's my cheesy cheesy turtle done in airbrush! Cutting out all the shapes from the frisket was relatively easy (especially with a sharp blade). First, I did the purple part of the shell. I used a piece of paper as a mask to make the hard edge near the top - so far so good, I was feelin confident. Then I started on the flowers, not too bad. There was a lot of taking the frisket off and then putting it back on to do each color. Then the lab was really close to closing so I had to stop and clean up. I was hoping to get the whole thing done in one go (about six hours) but that didn't happen. So I came back the next day to finish it and the lab was crowded like I knew it would be and my new airbrush and I were not getting along. But the green part turned out pretty nicely. I especially like the highlight on the nose where you can still see some of the paper through the paint. I did all the green freehand. Then for the circles, I used the plastic stencils that were in the drawer because I didn't cut out the circles from the frisket very well...they weren't very circular. This time around I had a lot more trouble with the paint being too wet. I know I was also rushing a bit too. That's all I have to say about that. It's CHEESY :)

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